The Wild Folk, more commonly refered to as the Wilders, are a group of tribal people who choose to live a primitive, pre-Depature life. Though they do not use technology, they do not shun those who do, and often trade and interact with nearby "modern" cities. They are best known as experts in demonology (the study of demons), powerful mages and peaceful people.


The Wilders are not a unique race, rather a group of people who have adopted a specific way of life. Wilders are typically Human or Sprite, but in theory, anyone who adopts their way of life is welcome. There are no known instances, however, of a Merfolk or a Keiki (not one who is openly Keiki, at least) joining a Wilder tribe.

What sets Wilders apart, physically is the tattoos they adorn themselves with.Tattoos are very important in Wilder culture. They denote rank, martial status and important life accomplishments. One is considered an adult once they recieve their first tattoo and job in the tribe.





The Wilder people worship all of the Divine equally, though like many other cultures, they choose to see the Mother solely as a life-giver. Like the rest of Makana, they choose to worship by praying and by building shrines. Many villagers will have a shrine in their home that the family prays at. There is also a community shrine in each village that can be prayed at, if the family is unable to have one in their home. The shrine is typically cleaned and cared for by the village children to teach them responsibility and to respect the Divine. The village's leader, the Kahuna, acts as a spiritual guide, among their other duties. In most villages, there is no formal church service--this is something that only occurs in larger settlements.


Tattoos are a very important component of Wilder culture. With the proper knowledge, one can know everything important about a Wilder simply by looking at their tattoos. Important events and symbols of status are inked into the flesh to immortalize them. Most Wilders recieve their first tattoo when they transition into adulthood, which is usually between the ages of 14 to 18. This is when they choose their role in the village, and the choice is accompanied by a tattoo to symbolize their choice.


Population and Village LocationsEdit

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