The Divine are the creator gods of Makana. They were very involved in the lives of the early inhabitants of Makana, but left to create other planets when they felt that Makana was mature. Before leaving, however, the Divine left instructions on how to contact them, should the need arise. These instructions make the ritual that is refered to as the Pilgrimage.

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In the Divine Trio, Haumea is known as the God of the Land. According to the Records, Haumea can be attributed to the following things:

  • The rising of the islands of Makana from the ocean
  • Populating the islands of Makana with organic life, as well as carving the mountains and volcanoes
  • Creating the entrance to the Underworld in Mt. [Volcano]
  • Filling Mt. [Volcano] with lava in the ending years of the Keiki Hunts

Churches often see Haumea as a symbol of growth, both in plant and mortal life. Conversely, It is also respected as a harbinger of death and sometimes referred to as the ruler of the Underworld. Sprites see Haumea as their primary God.



As stated in the Record, Haumea has declared the following things Tapu:

  • Cutting down a tree without planting a new sprout in its place
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