A demon is a creature that is born from the corpse of a person who harboured extremely negative emotions when they died. The type of emotion the person experienced before their death influences the type of demon that will be born from them. Demons come in four "varieties", each with different physical traits and methods of attack.


The Divine claim that they had no part in the creation of Demons, making it difficult to pinpoint their origins. There are no mention of the monsters in the Records.

The first recorded instance of a Demon happened in Y3D98. Young women began to disappear from a small village in [Country]. After a thourough investigation, it was found that an Ego Demon was responsible. The Demon was quickly dispatched, but it had already murdered the women it had kidnapped. The Demon bore resemblance to Kona, a recently-deceased resident of the village. While alive, she was known as an incredibly vain lady who was envious of other girls.


Demons come in four common "types". Each type is associated with a branch of emotions, as well as an element.

Rage - FireEdit

Demons of Rage are associated with fire, which is illustrated by the lava and flames that often makes up their physical features. They usually slow, hulking beasts who rely on brutish melee attacks to overpower their victims. A demon of Rage can be born of someone who experienced extreme anger, wrath or bitterness.

Sadness - WaterEdit

Demons of Sadness are associated with water. It is not common to find one out in the open; they use their magic to shield themselves and hide. They are small, lithe creatures who typically wait for a sleeping or distracted victim before revealing themselves and attacking. Anyone who experiences grief, sorrow or depression as they die could potentially spawn a demon of Sadness.

Fear - AirEdit

Demons of Fear are associated with wind, and rarely take a physical form. It is common for them to assume a fog-like or wispy appearance so that they can float with the breeze. Fear Demons are aggressive, much like Rage Demons. Unlike their brutish cousins, Fear Demons prefer to attack the psyche of their victims. Someone who died in terror may birth a Fear Demon.

Ego - EarthEdit

Demons of Ego are associated with the earth. They are living, stunningly beautiful statues. These crafty demons use magic to hyptnotize their victims, lulling them into a vulnerable state, to which they will then launch a vicious attack. If one is particularly charismatic, they may find themselves able to temporarily distract an Earth Demon with praise. Anyone who felt exessive pride, arrogance or vanity upon their death could bring about an Ego Demon.

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